"When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained." - Mark Twain

idk does anyone even read these I'm just someone too old to be using this web site.
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Just Remember To Breathe.

The Cliffs of The Royal National Park

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Aang and Sokka Dead, Katara old, Zuko old and with a daughter and now a statue of Korra! I’m creeped out in a strange way by all of this especially since I can remember over ten years ago when ATLAB was just an idea… I feel like some great great grandfather resurrected from the dead awakened in strange times to strange affairs.

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#can we just take a moment to appreciate

#that Clint

#while holed up doing a job of watching all the scientists working away

#managed to work out BEFORE the quantum physicist exactly what the fuck is going on

#with the tesseract

#by using pure logic

#it also shows that even though Nick chastises him for doing his whole ‘brood in the rafters’ nesting thing

#that Clint was paying attention the whole damn time

#this is the guy who can fire arrows without looking

#who can calculate on the fly the trajectory needed to lodge an explosive arrow into a propeller

#I will punch anyone who says Clint is useless or a deadweight because he’s squishy-human and is only good for being a marksman

#because he’s deceptively smart

#and plays that close to his chest

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commission for  

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pooh-bear and piglet

holy shit

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Krista Marie

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Time, we can never escape from it. It changes everything and everyone.

i dont know that pen looks perfectly ok

the pen actually changes mentally, it takes up smoking and get’s in with a bad crowd. we are all worried about the pen

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When straight girls find out you’re gay

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You kids with your smooth animation that’s consistent and not constantly recycled.

Back in my day you ignored when someone’s mouth didn’t move when they were talking or when a Ninja Turtle had the wrong color face mask.

Back in my day Green Lantern had THREE arms and THAT’S HOW WE LIKED IT


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unpopular opinion

i hate these cookies


Go fuck yourself, you piece of shit. You’re the reason society is crumbling. In 20 years, New York is going to be a pile of ash and dust because people like you exist. This is why I fucking hate tubmlr.

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hello darkness my old friend

he waiting

this is like the kinda photo you find on the ground in an abandoned hospital

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